How did we get to where we are now?

We started off in 2001 by manufacturing our labels using Flexographic, semi-rotary and hot-foil print processes. Our love of print meant we couldn’t help but embrace the advent of digital printing in 2011 and purchase a shiny new XEIKON 3300 Digital Label Press to expand on the print processes we offer to you.



Where do you fit in?

We might be more than a little obsessed with print, but we’re also big on customers. Our customers to be exact. So, even as we continue to grow, we maintain our company ethos, which is all about putting you first. In doing so, we continue to deliver an outstanding service to both our new customers and our loyal customer base.


On average our digital orders are delivered no later than 4 working days after the artwork is approved


When Quality Truly Counts

Quality Accreditation

Quality is a word touted by many businesses and often without validation.


When Quality counts, true Quality will always be recognised and by the most important people or accreditation bodies that really count;


Existing Customers

Potential Future Customers

And by Nationally and Internationally recognised Quality Assurance agencies.


Label-Solutions have in-built quality control and operational management procedures dedicated to the delivery of our quality policy at every step of the process from enquiry through to delivery and even after-sales support.


And we don’t stop there.


We continually work with our clients and suppliers, striving for improvements in print services, quality and safety.


That is why we are committed to operating our Company under the disciplines and control of a Quality Management System conforming to the International Standard IS0 9001:2015, planned and developed jointly with our other management functions.


Leslie Burden

Managing Director

"We strive to be the best in the business."

Jessica Cook

Business Operations Manager

Making everything tick at HQ