By Jessica Cook  |  June 19, 2015

The Nilpeter FB-2500 can deal with high volumes, printing at great speed and if required on both sides of the label. While each machinery purchase Label Solutions makes is a serious investment, we’re already seeing the benefits in terms of customer satisfaction and repeat business.

On time – time after time

Having been in the business a while, we know that you will often require label-printing orders at the last minute. By equipping Label Solutions with super-fast machinery such as the Nilpeter FB-2500, we can meet this need. In fact, existing clients often refer new business to us because we guarantee delivery of your labels on time. The speed of this particular web press is a key ingredient in the process at an astonishing 228 metres or 750 feet per minute. Its reliability means we can run the press around the clock and we are confident your job will be ready when you want it.

Modular design

Our customers’ orders are many and varied. Our aim is to satisfy your requirements and make Label Solutions your printing partner of choice for every job. We do this by anticipating your needs. The modular design of the Nilpeter range means that we can expand the machine’s capacity and configuration to suit the demands of your business. Having invested in the unit, we can plan for growth and expansion by dropping in further modules in future. By adding a die cutting module, we can ensure accuracy and produce a superior finished product. The laminating module results in superb laminated printing. So far, we’re very impressed with the improvements to our efficiency and productivity.

Your choice of substrate

We believe in choosing the right materials for your printed labels. Rather than offering you just the range of substrates that average machines can handle, we’ve opted to invest in versatile, capable machinery that caters to your needs. Whether you need sticky labels, flexible enough to sit neatly on the glossy, curved surface of a bottle or peel-and-read labels or coupons, the Nilpeter 2500 can handle it. The narrow web printing process produces high quality results on a variety of substrates, to suit the purpose you have in mind. Examples of the jobs Label Solutions prints on this press are for FMCG, pharmaceutical, home and personal care and chemical applications.

Want to know more?

Are you interested to know more about how the Nilpeter FB-2500 works or what Label Solutions can do to help you with your label printing requirements? By all means comment on the blog or contact us directly on 01277 508 324 or email [email protected].

You can also order a sample book if you need some label inspiration or get a quote for your custom printed labels.

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