By Jessica Cook  |  February 11, 2016


Producing premium, handcrafted beers, Moonzen Brewery uses only the purest ingredients and is created using sustainable methods. With a focus on building relationships in the community and respecting the environment, this family-run brewery were looking for new labels that would incorporate their environmental ethos without compromising on quality.

Inspired by the rich tapestry of Chinese folklore, each of the different beers Moonzen Brewery produces has a distinctive flavour and a unique story which is reflected in the intricate design of the label.

It was essential to find an ongoing provider capable of translating these stories into high quality, detailed examples that really stand out on the shelf.


Quality and Expertise

With a wealth of experience in printing elaborate labels, often incorporating a multitude of colours, textures and finishes, Label Solutions were able to guarantee Moonzen Brewery the highest quality and meticulous precision printing that is required.

Exceptional Service

Distance is not a barrier. There is a constant flow of communication and Label Solutions are happy to provide whatever is needed, whenever it is needed. The personalised, friendly service that Label Solutions offered to Moonzen ensured that the whole process was smooth and problem free.

FDA Approved

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sets obligatory guidelines with regard to food both packaged and unpackaged. Specific guidelines are in respect to the materials such as inks, toners and substrates used to produce food labels. The printing process employed by Label Solutions uses toner and materials that conform to FDA and EU regulations, so all labels are FDA approved as well as being of the highest quality.

Ecologically Aware

Label Solutions’ ecologically aware policies with regard to recycling and reducing their impact on the environment are values shared and highly regarded by Moonzen Brewery.

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Label Solutions enjoy working with uncompromising clients such as Moonzen and our friendly team would love to help you benefit from our high quality of expertise and friendly service too

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