By Jessica Cook  |  July 07, 2015

We choose all our printers with this in mind, and that’s why we’ve chosen the Xeikon 3300 – the most popular digital press model in the Xeikon 3000 series. In 2009 the printer was the first digital label press to be awarded an InterTech™ Technology Award, and before that it won the New Innovation Award at the Label Industry Awards – so it has some serious pedigree. Adaptability – making it work for you.

This printer has lots of great features that mean we can offer customers a better service, with our same high-quality print standards. Firstly, and most importantly, is the print resolution. There’s no point having a beautifully designed label if it’s then printed badly. With a resolution of a true 1200 x 3600 do the Xeikon 3300 creates outstanding labels every time that will represent your brand in their quality and precision.

Getting the most:
What we really like about the Xeikon 3300 is that productivity with this press is high, thanks to full rotary printing. Regardless of the number of colours or the repeat length of the job, productivity doesn’t drop. The 3300 can offer more and different labels and do shorter print runs, making workflow more efficient. And, as well as prime label applications, the press can be used for producing promotional and transfer applications at top speeds too. Meaning we’re always giving you the value for money we think you deserve.

Plus, the QA-I Dry toner the Xeikon 3300 uses allows the use of substrate, with no pre-treatment, speeding up the print process, and has high light fastness too. And with lower running costs than other platforms of the same quality we can offer you a more cost-effective job, without effecting print quality or your brand impact.

With all of these outstanding features, the Xeikon 3300 is a digital printer that can be relied upon to show your brand in the best possible light, with labels that shout quality and creativity.
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