By Jessica Cook  |  November 01, 2017

Label Printing Success or a Dead Loss?

Label Printing Examples

When it comes to printed label design– we have viewed numerous horror stories of labels and label designs that must give those designers and businesses nightmares every day of the year – never mind Halloween!

Poor colour tone, dreadful graphics, mis-spellings and worse, failure to adhere, are all examples of How Not to design a printed label.

Halloween, more and more every year, results in businesses losing reason and walking zombie like into the worst examples of label design for a very short term horror based campaign.

The trend to publish digital content for annual events such as Halloween, often results in a rush to publish, a rush to launch off-line and print campaigns and an inevitable rush to horrific disaster.

Most businesses simply become another small droplet in the deluge of campaigns that flood the market.

I am not saying Halloween campaigns are necessarily bad or that the millions of campaigns are all destined to fail but – and experience dictates – such campaigns endorse our belief in the need for professional label design based on planning, research and quality delivery.

Label Design

Labels are ideal for themed based campaigns across industry sectors, target markets and direct and retail based promotions.

Halloween is one, Bonfire Night the next and soon we will see another multitude of Christmas campaigns.

Planning for the design and creativity behind successful theme campaigns must happen in advance and must involve a label design solution business that can guide and inform based on long-standing experience and expertise.

This time of year also leads to that frequent sales team response “we will look at the campaign after Christmas” and we have to accommodate the January panic!

5 Simple tips for Quality Label Design Campaigns:

  1. Plan, plan, plan and plan in advance.
  2. Have a clear audience target, aim and objective.
  3. Ensure you design for the end customer not for your marketing team!
  4. Check hidden pricing such as Plate prices and Minimum Quantities
  5. Agree your campaign timeline and delivery options at outset.

There is no trick to label printing success;

If you plan with the right label solutions partner, your campaign will stand-out from the crowd and your chances of success will work a treat!

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