By Jessica Cook   |  May 26, 2016

The Guinness harp, an instantly recognisable and successful global brand icon has been given a new lease of life by London based agency Design Bridge.

The brief to  ‘breathe life back into the harp and let it sing once again…’ has certainly been answered impressively.

The design incorporates elements of previously more ornate incarnations of the harp logo and involved consulting real-life harp makers. It is asserted that if the final drawing were built out into an actual harp it would work properly and be in tune.

Foil blocking and other finishes

Artisan letterpress printers separated the harp design out into various layers overlaying different colours, textures and techniques, such as embossing, foil blocking and metallic inks to achieve a more dramatic finish and enhance its visual impact.

The final harp icon is beautiful when printed using the required techniques it captures the tactical, craftsmanship and essence of what the Guinness brand has come to represent.

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