By Leslie Burden  |  June 19, 2015

The GM DC330 gives us the ability to offer high quality, special finishes to make your labels stand out against those of your competitors’. As part of the finishing process, it helps ensure that your labels are not only produced promptly but also just the way you envisaged them. We consider its acquisition a valuable part of our digital label printing service.


The GM DC330 appealed to us at Label Solutions because it is customisable. This versatility means that we can adapt to the kinds of label printing our client’s request, ensuring we’re a one-stop shop for all your printing needs. The range of labels a company like ours needs to be able to cater for includes food labels, cosmetic labels and even window stickers. By investing in versatile finishing technology, we increase our capacity for printing all kinds of labels and our customers let us know how happy this makes them!

Labels with special finishes

Labels with special finishes are the bread and butter of the GM DC330: it produces a wide range with stunning results. Whether you want a high gloss varnish on your label or a laminate that’s approved for food labels, using this machinery we can produce a consistent product that you can use straight out of the box.

A touch of luxury

By combining our Colour-logic software and the GM DC330 mini, finishing options gold, silver and other metallic finishes are cost effectively available. When it’s important to differentiate your business and its products or services from others’ in your industry, adding a touch of luxury sends all the right messages about quality, attention to detail and the prospect of excellence. Printed materials that are high quality speak volumes and mean you can ‘sell’ without even trying.

Feel the width

In addition to the superior finishes it can handle, Label Solutions chose the GM D330 because it allows us to complete client printing orders on a range of substrate widths. Who says size isn’t everything? Sometimes it is absolutely critical that a self-adhesive label is positioned accurately and nothing short of perfection will do. By making the necessary adjustments to the printing process, we can fulfil your order swiftly and you can rest assured it will be right first time.

Minimum waste

Like most businesses, we’re aware of our bottom line; so economising on materials makes sense. In addition, we have committed to continue to try to protect and reduce our impact on the environment. This forms part of our Five Promises and making use of machinery such as the GM DC330 allows us to make good on this promise. Not only that, reduced wastage benefits you, the customer, and allows us to offer our services with highly competitive pricing.

Want to know more?

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