By Malcolm Bunn  |  February 19, 2018

Label Sample Books sent by Post – In this Digital Age? Whatever next!

In today’s Digital Marketing and instant eMail, Video and Social Media channel world, the ability to touch and feel still has a major role to play.

Recent research clearly highlights that Marketing campaigns that include printed material offer an enhanced multiplier return on investment – simply put Digital Marketing works, Print Marketing works but Digital and Print together works far better!

Printing Labels is also about branding, brand awareness, Visual and Aesthetic appearance and for Vape Devices, the touch and feel of the printed label adds an extra dimension.

How does that impact the provision of Printed Label Solutions?

With our long-standing experience and expertise, we understand the needs of printed label buyers and the need for touch and feel to truly gain that quality impression that simple images on a web site or email can supply.

Label-Solutions provide our clients the ability to order a high quality digital sample pack demonstrating our high quality and label order options available:

  • Any Shape or Size
  • Printed or Plain
  • No Minimum Quantities
  • No Plate Prices
  • Fast Delivery

Our free digital label sample books provide you with printed sample labels showing the exciting range of materials and the superb finishes available from our digital printing process.

To get your free Sample Pack visit:

Seeing is believing!

Label-Solutions – Not all Label Suppliers are the same!