By Jessica Cook  |  October 28, 2017

Vape Label Expertise

We all know you only have one chance to make a good first impression – and Vape Labels can mean the difference between a buyer and a lost opportunity.

A good first impression – That is what branding is all about.

And, sadly, Quality Label Branding for Vape Devices and Vape Bottles is often overlooked in the ever-growing Vape Market.

A Vape product on display attracts attention and starts a relationship conversation between your brand and the potential client looking to purchase your products.

Once bought, brand recognition and loyalty win through.

Does your label brand shout Quality? Or Safety? Or Fun? Or Buy me!

All too often the gory skeleton image leering at the purchaser subliminally suggests death, negativity, darkness and a vivid reminder of the health concerns of smoking.

But do those designs really send a positive purchase message of why Vaping should be the preferred choice for the smoker desperate to change their habits?

Or does the label offer the design choice for the fashion accessory Vape user?

Yes, Vape labels have legal niceties that must be both understood and adhered to and included within the glamourous and vivid designs most Vape Device distributors require.

Vape Labels: Print Solutions

And that is where a knowledge of the Vape Market becomes paramount.

Understanding the legal stuff, the information that must be displayed and the meaning of nic & warning levels and so on, can only be supplied by label printers with Vape market experience.

Label-Solutions have that experience and expertise and have developed innovative solutions specifically for Vape Devices and Brands.

Label Expertise includes:

  • Purchasing patterns over multiple types
  • Efficient handling of multiple artworks.
  • Short Lead Times
  • Multiple Types, Silver Materials and Tactile Triangles
  • The ability to design brilliant brand experiences.
  • The ability to deliver for any shape, size, design, paper or vinyl. For every standard size of bottles, devices.
  • Availability of the equipment that can produce all aspects of the Vape label- Digitally or flexo printed labels, multiple types printed digitally with no expensive origination on digitally printed labels,

If you supply to the UK Vape market – you need a Custom Brand Label – you need a supplier with the expertise and experience of the Vape market to guide, design and deliver.

You need a Label Solution!