By Content Team   |  October 10, 2017
Quality Labels

When Quality Labels Really Count

Does YOUR Label shout Quality?

Does it exude professionalism?



Is your Label aimed at attracting customers or a designers artistian display?



Your Label is a key part of your brand – wherever it is displayed – and often, can be the first brand impression and we all know first impressions count.

Brand recognition, design and identity are all key elements of Label design and when looking for your label solution you need to be confident that the supplier has not only been there and done that but continues to deliver innovation, expertise, experience and most importantly of all, Quality.

A recent customer survey by label-solutions delivered key findings:

  1. Label Buyers want promises that are kept not continually missed
  2. Marketing Buyers want high quality label products with awareness of their budgets and objectives.
  3. Business Buyers want great Customer care and sale and post-sale support
  4. Responsible Buyers want assurances on environmental impact and label printing processes.

100% of those surveyed acknowledged that label-solutions delivered excellent and responsive customer care.

100% of those surveyed acknowledged that label-solutions either met or exceeded their agreed quality requirements.

At Label Solutions we see numerous examples of great brands with great ideas and shall we be magnanimous, less than great label design, prinitng or fulfilment.

We at Label Solutions are not only sure of our quality and expertise, we put it in writing.

On our web site home page no less. A simple headline; Our Five Promises.

Simple statements, continually delivered yet answering the questions that our label buyers pose to seek high quality supplier assurance.

Our promise to be prompt and timely is met with measured delivery expectations not mere words and apologies and that further endorses the excellent customer care feedback we receive.

Fair pricing is not just a soundbite. If you want cheap…… well you know how the saying goes.

Our pricing is built to reflect a fair price for a high quality job delivered with our experiance, customer care and promised delivery included!

Label-Solutions strive to be the best:

“Our labels weren’t doing themselves justice on a shelf until

Label Solutions came to the rescue.

The labels, print and finish are of excellent quality and turn around was very quick.”
Ben, Adventure Brewery

Being Technically Aware is one part of our commitment to environmental and waste concerns and is fully supported by on-going training and education that extends to both staff and often our customers!

Our Label says it as it is. Label-Solutions.

Providing solutions and solving client quality, design or delivery issues or problems.

Is now the time to do your business justice?

What does your label say about you?