By Malcolm Bunn  |  February 17, 2018

Xeikon Cheetah investment @ Label-Solutions!

Xeikon at Label Solutions

Leslie Burden, Managing Director of Label-Solutions welcomes the Xeikon Cheetah team.

The latest Label Solutions investment is the new ”Xeikon Cheetah” digital press – a key element of our business growth and ability to deliver continued quality customer care .

This significant investment is aimed at offering our existing & new customers something they demand daily: Label Printing Quality & Speed.

The new “Xeikon Cheetah” prints at 30m per minute which will not just provide a greater increased capacity but will also help us achieve our prime focus this year – to significantly reduce “Label Print Lead times” in the industry.

Label Solutions Xeikon Cheetah

Xeikon Cheetah: Quality & Speed

Xeikon promotion of the Cheetah confirms: “Faster running speed, lower operating costs and unseen flexibility to meet complex customer demands without compromising quality, reliability or consistency – whatever the label”.

What seems to be the number one request from literally every label user we speak to, reducing lead times has become our No 1 goal this year.

At Label-Solutions we believe Speed should NOT impact Quality!

Our plans with this latest investment and indeed future planned investments in finishing equipment will set a new bench mark in reduced lead times for all our label customers.

Our intention is to deliver not just the finest quality products but the finest quality products in a time frame that meets customer requirements.

All to often, client enquiries are based on timescales and the ability to deliver on-time can detract from the level of acceptance of quality. Label Solutions ability to deliver on-time and on-budget offers short lead time capability without compromise on quality!

Label Solutions: Speed – Reliability – Quality!

Xeikon Cheetah Quality Benchmark